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  这是不倒翁写的   供你参考   our   environment   is   getting   worse   and   worse   now.   people   throw   their   garbage   here   and   there.   factories   make   more   and   more   dirty   water   that   has   polluted   the   rivers   and   lakes.   what   should   we   do?   we   must   find   ways   to   stop   pollution.   waste   water   must   be   cleaned   before   it   is   poured   into   the   river.   people   shouldn‘t   throw   away   rubbish   here   and   there.   we   should   pick   up   the   garbage   around   us.   we‘d   better   plant   more   trees.   i‘m   sure   if   we   take   care   of   our   environment,   our   world   will   be   more   beautiful!


  Protect Environment   Today there is more and more pollution and the environment is becoming worse and worse. So we have to know how to protect the environment. Here are some ways.   今天有更多的污染和环境变得越来越糟。所以我们必须知道如何保护环境。这里有一些方法。   First, we can stop driving our personal cars. We can go to school or work on foot or by bus. Not only can it protect environment, but also it is good for our health.   首先,我们可以停止驾驶私家车。我们可以去上学或上班步行或乘巴士。不仅可以保护环境,而且它对我们的健康有好处。   Second, we are not supposed to drop litter anywhere, we should put them into the trash bin. And it’s best to pick up the litter on the ground when we see them.   第二,我们不应该乱扔垃圾的地方,我们应该把它们扔到垃圾桶里。最好在当我们看到他们地捡起垃圾。   Third, we should save the paper, the water, the food and so on.   第三,我们应该节约纸张,水,食物等。   Fourth, we should protect the trees and we should plant more trees.   第四,我们应保护树木,我们应该种更多的树。   I think if everyone does something to protect the environment, our world will be much better.   我想,如果每个人都做些什么来保护环境,我们的世界会更好。


  Nowadays,environment problems is more and more serious.I think everyone wants to be a greener people.However,how to be a greener people?There are some ways to tell you.   First,we should reduce the waste we produce.We should use both sides of paper and reuse plastic bags.   Second,recycling can not only protect the environment but also save money .So we ought to collect waste paper and soft drink cans.   Third,we‘d better walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi if you travel a short distance.It will save energy and reduce air pollution.


  As we all know, a better result of study can be brought by a better study environment. As a result, it is necessary for us to build the green campus. The green campus can not only provide a good environment for our study, but also be a part of build the harmonious society.   The green campus is not only the environmental being green, but also the sprite being green, which means we should do other things like helping each other or caring each other. Therefore, we should both beautify the campus environment and create a campus culture.   As middleschool students, we enjoy the campus time while we have responsibility to build our green campus. In spiritual term, we should respect teachers, classmates and other people work for the school. In environmental term, we should have good habits to keep campus in a clean surrounding.   翻译:   正如我们所知,一个更好地学习环境能带来更佳的学习成绩。所以,创建绿色校园对我们而言就很有必要了。绿色的校园不仅能为我们提供优良的学习环境,同时也能为构建和谐社会做出贡献。   绿色校园不仅仅指绿色的校园环境,也包括绿色的精神,即我们应该互相帮助、互相关心等。因此,我们不仅要美化校园,也要创造崭新的校园文化。   作为中学生,我们在享受美好校园时光的同时,也应该对创建绿色校园富有责任。专业地说来,我们应该尊敬老师、同学和校园里的其他人,应该养成良好的习惯以维持清新的校园环境。


  Protecting the environment is everyone ‘s duty 。Let's do it right now


  The earth is our warm home and we all live in this beautiful garden, it should be good care, to protect it. Now, every city in advocating low-carbon life, as long as we do not pollute the environment, do not waste energy can be let our planet greener and greener. recently, a teacher told us a lot of stories about the low-carbon life, made me endless benefits. in short, life is to reduce carbon dioxide. we should save in everyday life water and electricity, not to waste food, go to the supermarket with more bags and so on. If each of us just with a pair of disposable chopsticks, equivalent to throw a piece of wood. one can imagine that low-carbon life from each one of us to start. the idea there should be action, so I started a low-carbon life.

小学三年级绿色行动作文 60字

  保护地球的环境是一件非常重要的事,我们今天下午就做了这样的事。   下午第一节课是我们的“口语交际”。老师问:“同学们,我们怎么保护地球环境呢?”有的说:“如果地上有垃圾,就拾起来扔到垃圾箱子里。”有的说:“如果有小朋友乱扔的话,我就去制止他!”……同学们众说纷纭。这时,老师让我们安静一下,说:“说干就干!拿好工具,出发!”我们排着队伍来到指定的地方。   绿色行动开始了。同学们有的提,有的扫,有的用手拿,当然也有个别同学只是站着而没有干。这时,垃圾里爬出了无数条小虫子,那么慢慢地蠕动,它们是那样的让人讨厌!这时,小明发现了一此破烂的衣物,鞋子,还有一个手包,这下可发了!剩余的垃圾怎么弄到垃圾坑里呢?这下可难住了同学们。   这时,小刚想了一个好办法,从远处来了一些大袋子。这下可有办法了。   同学们就赶快干起来,干得非常有劲,同学们不怕累不怕脏,一手一手往袋子里装,不一会儿我们就干完了。我回到教室想了一首诗:   绿色行动   不怕累不怕脏,一手一手向里装。加油吧加油吧,胜利就在我前方。   过了几天后,那里的垃圾又满了。唉!这可怎么办????


  My favourite movie isThe Bucket List. When two complete strangers (Carter and Edward) became roommates in the hospital’s ICU,what they were going to do in their last couple of months? Carter made a bucket list that including his wishes such as: witness something really magnificent, help complete stranger on the good, laugh until I cry, but Edward thought his wishes were too weak, and then he added something like “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, goskydiving, and get a tattoo. After that, both of them tried to complete their wishes together before they die. At last, Carter and Edward both knew what the life was all about---to bring joy to ot...


  Protect environment, starting from the side, starting from their own. Protect environment, is the duty of every citizen, also should do. Protect environment, the world is a better place because of you.   保护环境,要从身边做起,要从自己做起。保护环境,是每个人应尽的义务,也是应当做的事。保护环境吧,世界因你而美好。


  Earth is our mother.Without earth ,without life.It provides us with enough water,food,sunshine,mineral and so on.I can even say we can only live in the earth .There may isn't any celestial body like earth that our human can live .But there is only one earth in the world,so please protect it ,protect our "mother",we can do it from little things such as saving water,planting trees and so on. So please do it right now,for ourselfs,for our younger generation.   地球是我们的母亲,没有她就没有生命。她给我们提供了水,食物,阳光和矿物质等。我们只能生活在地球上,可以说再没有哪个星球我们人类能居住了,但地球只有一个,说以我们要好好保护她-我们的母亲,我们可以从一些小事做起像节约水植树等。现在就开始做吧,为了我们自己,也为了我们下一代。